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    Our payments are handled by Stripe and PayPal

    1. Your donation is made voluntarily, therefore, all donations are final (no refunds).
    2. Your donation status will not be issued until cleared by the respective payment services (this is usually instant).
    3. Every donation you make is for the community and will be used to keep our servers funded, and because of that, we are not able to refund you.
    4. If you dispute your payment with your card issuer then your account(s) will be banned from our community until said dispute has been resolved.
    5. Donating does not exclude you from the main server rules or their punishments for a player. The rules will be enforced equally to all players and as such, if you become banned, no refunds will be issued.

ArmA Life RPG

ArmA 3 roleplay has often been associated with grinding and repetitive gameplay. With your help, we're changing that and restoring the genre back to its roots: an open world free of restrictions, with a destiny determined by the player.

ArmA Life RPG

© ArmA Life RPG 2013 - 2019. All rights reserved.

ArmA Life RPG is a whitelisted ArmA 3 life roleplay modification.

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