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  1. Title Your Name - Developer Application Body Name: Timezone: What are you interested in doing (Scripting, Terrain, 3D Models, Textures, etc.)?: What prior experience do you have (screenshots, videos, etc.)?: Will you sign a development agreement with ArmA Life RPG?:
  2. Title Your Name - Whitelist Application Body Name: Date of Birth: Have you added your date of birth to your forum profile?: Steam UID: Steam profile link: Have you read the rules thoroughly?: Server rules link:
  3. ArmA Life RPG Community Rules Created 20/04/2019 - Last Updated 20/04/2019 Server rules take priority over faction SOPs. Staff have the final say in every situation. The rules are updated regularly, it is your responsibility to know them. Ignorance is not an excuse. General Rules (1.1) You must own a legitimate copy of ArmA 3 to join our server. (1.2) Never advertise other ArmA communities whether it be Servers, Discords or TeamSpeaks. (1.3) You are required to speak fluent English when playing on the server. If you are unable to do so then we can not accept you into the community. (1.4) Lying to staff or disrespect is not tolerated. (1.5) Homophobia, toxicity, discrimination, racism or acting in a manner that is deemed highly offensive at any time is not tolerated. (1.6) Trash talking or disrespecting the community is not accepted. Doing so will result in your removal. (1.7) You must have a valid roleplay name to play the server. “e.g. James Lannister” (this means only a first name and last name). You can not put any symbols or any form of non-alphabetical characters, gang or faction rank tags in your roleplay name in game. (1.8) You may not have any famous or celebrity names. (1.9) You must have the same roleplay name across all of your ArmA Life RPG accounts (In-Game, TeamSpeak, Discord, Forums). (1.10) Donating does not give you any abilities to avoid punishments. (1.11) Donations have their own terms and conditions and can be found on our donation gateway. Shoutbox / Forum / TeamSpeak / Discord (2.1) The shoutbox is not a place to ask for support. Users doing so will be warned then appropriate action will be taken (shoutbox ban / warning points) if the issue persists. (2.2) Disrespecting members and controversial subjects will not be tolerated, this includes any ranting. Our platforms are not there to allow you to insult and harm members. (2.3) Advertisements of in game companies, and political parties are allowed once per hour. (2.4) You can advertise your Twitch / YouTube stream once per hour. (2.5) You are allowed one forum account per person. (2.6) Subforums are able to have their own rule sets, to add onto these. Please read the pinned posts to see if such a rule set exists. (2.7) Music bots / voice changers are not allowed in any of the public channels. You must have permission from the other people within your channel or by staff to use these TeamSpeak plugins on the TeamSpeak. (2.8) Trolling or being an annoyance to somebody on TeamSpeak is not tolerated. (2.9) Toxicity, bullying and offensive avatars of any kind is strictly against the rules and may result in a permanent ban. (2.10) Wasting staff members time in support cases will also result in a punishment, make sure that you have a valid reason to go to support. (2.11) You must follow the channel names / descriptions, if a channel has “DND or SDND” in the name of it, do not enter unless you have permission to do so. (2.12) Spam poking / messaging is strictly prohibited. (2.13) Don’t message staff members to get their attention when they are in a support channel just be patient and wait until they are finished with what they are dealing with. Cheating / Hacking / Exploiting (3.1) Using any kind of exploit is not permitted, this includes but is not limited to; (3.1.1) Using any kind of cheat, script or hack that gives you an advantage over other players. (3.1.2) Duping Items / Money. (3.1.3) Abusing any kind of bug to your advantage. (3.1.4) Using Macros / Auto Clickers. (3.1.5) Using the vault, jump or any other mechanic to walk through the wall of a building, window or closed door. (3.1.6) Taking items from dead bodies (suitcases and money is acceptable). (3.1.7) Abusing your whitelisting obtain police weapons or items to use as a civilian or issue out to other civilians. (3.1.8) Going AFK for prolonged periods of time is not allowed. (3.2) If you receive or find obscene amounts of money, you must collect evidence of how you got it in case you are flagged up by the anti-dupe. (3.3) You can not own or use any items or vehicles that are no longer obtainable in the server. (This will be announced in updates). Reports / Bans / Appeals (4.1) Player reports must be submitted within 48 hours of the incident happening. (4.2) Video evidence must include 2 minutes of footage leading up to the event being reported. (4.3) Posting on reports or appeals that you are not a part of will result in you receiving 10 points. (4.4) Appeals are not our priority and will be dealt with when time allows. (4.5) Chasing or messaging staff to check your appeal will result in it being denied and closed. (4.6) Bumping your appeal post will result in it bring denied and closed. (4.7) You are not allowed to use a stream or video clip without the owners permission. Staff can waver this if there is compelling evidence of damage to the community. (4.8) Counter/revenge reports are not allowed. Streaming / Content Creating (5.1) Content creators must follow our rules at all times. (5.2) Being a content creator offers no benefits to the ruleset. (5.3) 1000 Twitch followers minimum. (5.4) Breaking the Twitch / YouTube Terms of Service will result in your tags being removed. (5.5) We reserve the right to remove your tags at any time if we feel your content is harming the community. (5.6) Stream sniping / harassment is not allowed. Game Rules Initiation (6.1) There must be verbal initiation before you (or your group) can engage in gunplay at all times. (6.2) You can only engage in gunplay once a consequence of your threat is made clear. Example: This is your last chance, stand down or be put down. (6.3) Stop or die or similar phrases are not acceptable. (6.3.1) You cannot say "do x or you're dead". (6.3.2) You cannot count from x until you shoot them, i.e. 3... 2... 1... (6.4) If you are engaged with improper initiation, and start shooting back, you have consented to the initiation. (6.5) To initiate you must have a visible firearm in your hand(s). (6.6) Initiation lasts for 10 minutes; anything over the period requires re-initiation unless a firefight is ongoing. (6.7) You can't initiate from inside a vehicle. (6.8) You must give a minimum of 10 seconds for someone to comply with your reasonable demands before shooting, unless they are clearly not complying with the demands set out to them (this is not to be counted down verbally). (6.9) Initiation on Police only involves those at the scene and those who arrive as back-up. (6.10) Police restraining someone is not initiation, you must still verbally initiate on them. Group Initiation (6.11) You must be wearing the same clothing (shirt / trousers and vest) to initiate as a group. (6.12) You must be within 500 meter radius to be valid within the initiation (excludes police). (6.13) You cannot initiate gun play for your group when you are restrained. (6.14) Exemptions; (6.14.1) Officers may shoot civilians with a visible weapon out 200m from DOC grounds if they show a direct threat to DOC without initiation. (6.14.2) Helis / Planes within 200m radius of DOC can be given warning shots. If they are not contactable on frequency 60.3, they may be shot down. (6.14.3) Being in a Police chase which has lasted longer than 5 minutes means there is initiation between police and the vehicle being chased. Individuals not in the car being chased must initiate separately. (6.14.4) If you are being VDM’ed intentionally this counts as initiation, you may fire at the vehicle. This does not include general road accidents or yourself acting in a way to get hit by vehicles. You must be sure it's intentional VDM as you killing them may be RDM which is still punishable. (6.14.5) People giving out your location or running around in the fire fight can be shot without initiation by Police and Civilians, this includes medics. (6.15) You are responsible for your own initiation, if you are in whisper and the initiation cannot be heard, that is your fault. The distances someone can hear you are whisper = 5, normal = 20, yelling = 60. Random Deathmatching (RDM) (7.1) RDM is defined as shooting at another player without engaging in any form of appropriate roleplay or without any reason (as described in the initiation rules in section 1). Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) (8.1) VDM is defined as using your vehicle as a weapon. (8.2) Exemptions; (8.2.1) Police can ram vehicles which are fleeing. (8.2.2) Civilians can ram police who are chasing them. (8.2.3) You can VDM in self defense, if someone is shooting at you or threatens to do so. Metagaming / Out of Character / Powergaming (9.1) Metagaming is defined as using out of game information your in-game character would not be aware of. (9.2) Powergaming is acting out an action which you cannot physically do in game, e.g. "I’m holding a knife to your neck". (9.3) Going out of Character is talking about things which your character doesn't know about or fits into roleplay, examples are; (9.3.1) I'm going to the gods. (9.3.2) This is a green zone / green grass. (9.3.3) Are we initiated? / Is that initiation? (9.4) GoPro / Footage / screenshots etc can not be used as evidence in an EMS / PD IA / disciplinary action if the provider of the evidence was killed and not revived. If killed, the provider must show they were revived for the evidence to be usable. (You must acquire the perpetrators name using in game methods and not kill logs or death screen). (9.5) You are able to destroy someone's GoPro or recording device by breaking the device rendering it unrecoverable for IA / Disciplinary cases. You must knockout / tackle that individual clearly stating you are breaking their recording devices. (9.6) Hospitals / PD HQ / DOC (within the main perimeter walls) are equipped with CCTV. Any YouTube / Stream etc footage recorded within these areas can be used within RP scenarios (even if the individual is killed). (9.7) You are strictly not allowed to use any other method of communication e.g. Discord and Steam. You must only use the communication methods that are within the game. New Life Rule (NLR) (10.1) You are not allowed to return to your death location for 15 minutes. Your character does not remember any information from your previous life nor are you allowed to revenge the people that killed you. You still remember friends. If you die due to RDM / VDM or a glitch, you may return and remember what happened. (10.2) Once you’ve revived by a civilian, EMS / FD or PD, you may not return to combat or become involved in the situation that resulted in your death unless under direct threat. (i.e. someone initiating on you. You can still be arrested by police). Gang / Group Rules (11.1) You can only patrol with a maximum of 10 people in your group. (11.2) When you initiate on a group / gang, it does not mean you initiate on every gang member as this is a random death match. The initiation would only be towards the gang members involved in the situation or on those that arrive as backup. (Same uniform and vest). (11.3) Group initiation only exists within 500 metre of an active RP situation unless when they are committing a Major crime. (11.4) Your gang can only operate within 1 category, this one category consists of Mafia, Cartel, or Neither. Standards of Roleplay (Fail RP) (12.1) You must have a reason for acting the way you do. Robbing or killing for fun is not a valid reason. (12.2) If you die in a firefight to Police and are revived by a medic, Police can restrain you after being picked up. You may not resist. (12.3) After robbing a person, you must wait 15 minutes before you can rob the same individual again. (12.4) You can’t use your soundboard while in restraints! You can't use your soundboard while in jail if a officer removes your audio devices. (12.5) You must not bait players, for example; (12.5.1) Deliberately driving in and out of the PD HQ to have an officer initiate on you. (12.5.2) Loitering outside the DOC (12.6) After a vehicle collision with no prior roleplay, the parties involved can not kill or rob each other or bring about harm in any other way. (12.7) Once you have been revived by EMS you are in their custody. You have been seriously injured and must RP as such. Ignoring EMS or evading their custody is not tolerated. (12.8) If you have been taken hostage you should follow the demands of the person who kidnapped you, If they feel you're not valuing your life by ignoring simple instructions you can be killed, as per the initiation rules in section 1. (12.9) You can not force players to interact with ATM's or Stores. (12.10) You cannot spam or abuse the 911 call system. (12.11) Civilians may CPR people who are not in their group but they are not allowed to restrain, rob, kill or kidnap once they've been revived. This ends their initiation for everyone nearby for 5 minutes whilst they recover. (12.12) Soundboards are welcome additions when they contribute to Roleplay, but playing gun shots, meme sounds, or ear rape is not allowed. (12.13) Entering Debug Zone is not tolerated. (12.14) You can't roleplay rape or violent sexual conduct. (12.15) If requested by a member of a DOC, you must go on whisper. (12.16) You are to keep your gun in your hands for the entirety of a gas station robbery. (12.17) Negotiations must be realistic. Demanding items that are unobtainable, time consuming or unrealistic is not allowed. (12.18) You must value the life of your hostage(s) as they are your leverage in negotiations. Value of Life (13.1) As this is a video game people can respawn and deaths are meaningless beyond physical item loses. Therefore we have rules to encourage reasonable responses to situations. (13.2) You must always value your life. (13.3) You must accept that you're not going to win every situation. (13.4) If you are at a clear disadvantage (someone has a gun pressed to the back of your head or are outnumbered considerably), surrender. Green Zones (14.1) The following areas are green zones; (14.1.1) Police Spawns / HQ Grounds (within the walls). (14.1.2) EMS Spawns / Hospital Grounds (within the walls). (14.1.3) Fire Department Spawns / Fire Stations (within the walls). (14.2) The following have a 15 meter Green Zones around them; (14.2.1) Civilians Spawns. (14.2.2) ATM's (only physical models). (14.2.3) Any type of legal store, trader or processor. (14.2.4) DMV. (14.2.5) Rebel Store (other illegal traders / processors are exempt). (14.3) Crime is not permitted within Green Zones. (14.4) Exemptions; (14.4.1) Excessive trash talking and baiting within a green zone voids the green zone for any person involved. (14.4.2) If you flee into the green zone, the green zone is voided for any persons involved (video proof will be needed in the case of a report). (14.4.3) Store robberies - gas stations lose their green zone upon a robbery starting. Police Rules (15.1) Police can only restrain civilians if they; (15.1.1) Have their hands on their head. (15.1.2) Are on the floor. (15.1.3) If the officer is behind them. (15.1.4) Knocked out or tazed. (15.2) Police can not give out Police equipment as part of corruption - this includes but is not limited to vehicles (exclusive to PD), virtual items(exclusive to PD), clothing (exclusive to PD) and weapons. (15.3) Police must not close the bank vault until all members of the bank robbery and been killed, restrained or left (10 minutes after combat has ended). (15.4) Police are only allowed to spike strip moving vehicles. (15.5) If Police offers free passage they must honor it (the maximum they have to honor is 1km). (15.6) SWAT and Police Command are the only departments authorized to raid Weapon Crate and Truck events. (15.7) All other departments may only respond to a Weapon Crate or Truck event if an officer has died there. (15.8) If your face is clearly visible in evidence provided to IA - UID numbers can be used to identity you. (15.9) Police can CPR former prisoners or people in custody who have been killed at DoC. All other areas are not permitted. (15.10) Civilians are not allowed to wear any Police clothing. (15.11) You are not allowed to commit a crime against a ride-along (can be identified by the yellow vest and hat). (15.12) Codes are broken down into 4 sections. Depending on the status, differing rules apply. Civilians are required to follow the initiation rules in section 1 at all times, regardless of the code status. (15.12.1) CODE GREEN - Everything is normal. (15.12.2) CODE AMBER - Civilians with weapons visible will be arrested and detained. (15.12.3) CODE RED - Civilians with weapons visible will receive 1 warning before being arrested, detained or neutralised. (15.12.4) MARTIAL LAW - Anyone in Metropolis with a weapon out will be shot on sight. During this time, civilians are to clear the streets, remain indoors or leave the area immediately. EMS / FD Rules (16.1) EMS / FD are not allowed to carry weapons. (16.2) EMS / FD can not sell or give out clothing or equipment. (16.3) You can not inpede EMS / FD from doing their duties. This includes (but not limited to) killing, robbing, blocking their vehicle spawn points, ramming their vehicle(s). (16.4) You can not steal EMS / FD vehicles. (16.5) A temporary Green Zone is established around the EMS / FD representative upon starting CPR. The Green Zone ends upon the patient being released from medical custody. (16.6) EMS / FD may not revive during combat. (16.7) If Police are present, the medic needs to wait for clearance to start reviving. (16.8) EMS / FD can decide that a person needs to attend hospital for further treatment, Police are to honor this and escort as necessary. (16.9) EMS / FD are not allowed to enter any rebel capture points that are currently in the process of being captured. Weapon Crates / Truck Event / KOS Zones (17.1) Weapon Crate zones are Kill on Sight (300 meters from the centre of the marker). (17.2) If you or your group shoot at someone in the zone and leave, group initation is maintained for 10 minutes. (17.3) You can't bait players back to KOS zones to obtain initiation. (17.4) When Cartel / Mafia base are being captured, its kos within 500m (marked on map). (17.5) When the illegal supply truck is being unloaded, the area is kos within the zone (500m). Combat Logging / Storing / Reviving (18.1) Combat Logging is defined as logging out when roleplay is active. Examples are (but not limited to); (18.1.1) Being in a car chase. (18.1.2) Being in combat. (18.1.3) Being arrested. (18.1.4) Being robbed. (18.2) Combat Storing is defined as storing / impounding / seizing items when someone is trying to arrest or rob you, examples are (but not limited to); (18.2.1) Impounding vehicles before a situation is over. (18.2.2) Storing a vehicle in a garage whilst being initiated on. (18.3) Combat Reviving is defined as reviving someone during an active gunfight. You may only revive once there are no shots fired for 5 minutes. (18.4) Players can not randomly shoot to stop EMS / FD or players from CPR’ing. Major Crimes (19.1) Major crimes consist of; (19.1.1) Bank (19.1.2) Casino (19.1.3) Federal Reserve (19.1.4) DOC Jailbreak / Raid (19.1.5) Unloading Transport Truck at DOC (19.2) There can only be one major crime at a time. (19.3) No major crimes are permitted to happen within 30 minutes of a server restart (before or after) or another major crime (it is up to the group to insure the correct time has passed). (19.4) Civilians are permitted to have a maximum of 2 snipers. (19.5) All snipers must be declared by full name during negotiations. (19.5.1) A sniper is defined as someone at least 50 metres away from the Bank / Federal Reserver / Casino / DOC. All other people involved must be inside the respective compound. For any other situations involving the police, snipers describe any member further than 50 meters from where the negotiations are taking place. (19.6) There can only be a max of 10 gang members during the major crime. (19.7) There must be prisoners that you can name in DOC to start a jailbreak. (19.8) To start a jail break you must plant a bomb on the DoC doors. (19.9) A group attempting a jail break can shoot Police defending DOC without initiation within 250m of DOC. You must have a gun out or on your back at all times. (19.10) You can not camp DOC, once negotiations have ended peacefully, or all police have been killed and no shots have been fired for 5 minutes you must leave the DOC premises. (randomly firing to prolong the 5 minutes is not acceptable). (19.11) Once negotiations are called off, there is 10 seconds for each negotiator to get into cover before anyone can exchange gunfire. (19.12) You cannot call off negotiations through a text message. (19.13) You can not commit a major crime with less than seven Police online. (19.14) You are not allowed to interfere with another groups event.
  4. Compensation Request Template Your name: Time of incident: Date of incident: Amount you're claiming: Description of events: Evidence:
  5. Staff Feedback Template Title: [Your name] - Staff Feedback Your name: ArmA 3 UID: Staff name: Rank: Reason for feedback: Evidence:
  6. Unban Request Template Title: [Your name] - Unban Request Name: ArmA 3 UID: Date of Ban: Ban Message: Banning Admin: Why should you be unbanned: Evidence:
  7. Name Change Request Template Title: [Your name] - Name Change Request Current Name: New Name: Reason:
  8. Player Report Requirements You must show a minimum of 2 minutes prior video to report, unless racism or homophobia. The incident must have happened within the last 72 hours of the report. You can not use someone's own video without their permission. All evidence must stay up for 72 hours after the points were issued, as that is the time for Appeal. Player Report Title: [Name of player you are reporting] - Player Report Name: ArmA 3 UID: Player(s) Being Reported: Rule(s) Broken: Evidence: Timestamp In Evidence: Description of Events:
  9. Cicada 2035 is a remastered and overhauled terrain based on the original Cicada terrain made by Commander1985 for ArmA 2. Cicada 2035 Contributors Ben Harris DEADdem Frankie John Doe Kangaro0 Nicholas Jo'Foski Red
  10. Community Manager Staff Manager Head Administrator Administrator Moderator Intern Moderator Support Intern Support

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