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The Chernarus Police Department are now hiring new cadets to join the CPD Police Academy!
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Mission Update #3

By Anne Franklin - Posted Nov 22, 13
Mission Update
  • Real Estate Updated
You can buy a Large House, Garage, Bunker and a Wooden Shed! Soon to be more
  • Gym System
  • Updated Anti-Hacks
  • Black Market

SITREP #00108

Posted Wed at 3:47
Update 1.46 Prep, Remote Script Execution, External 3D Artists

SITREP #00107

Posted May 19, 15
Mod Appreciation Week, Web Developer Spotlight, Asset Samples

SITREP #00106

Posted May 13, 15
Report In Interview, End Game Documentation, Livestream Recording

SITREP #00105

Posted May 6, 15
Update 1.44 Released, End Game Livestream, Texture Templates

SPOTREP #00042

Posted May 6, 15
Game Update: 1.44 (BattlEye Service, Open-source PhysX, Netcode Optimizations, Launcher Improveme

TECHREP #00021

Posted May 6, 15
Update 0.88 (Samples, Binarize, FSM Editor)
Kung Fury is Now Available to Watch on Steam!Miami Police Department detective and martial artist Kung Fury time travels from the 1980s to World War II to kill Adolf Hitler, a.k.a. "Kung Führer", and revenge his friend's death...
Blender Game Asset Creation is Now Available on Steam!In 8 well organized sections with 51 short videos you will get a complete introduction to Blender and how to create game assets.This tutorial has been produced by Blender Institute, t...
Flame Over is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*Blending top down "squirt em-up" action and "Pyroguelike" game mechanics, Flame Over features fast-paced fire-fighting thrills, randomly generated levels, 4 differe...
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0RBITALIS is Now Available on Steam and is 25% off!*0RBITALIS is a satellite launching simulator with a retro-puzzle style. Launch your satellite into orbit and go head to head with the dominant force that formed the entire universe: Gra...

Now Available on Steam - Homesick

Posted 19 hours ago
Homesick is Now Available on Steam!Explore an abandoned building, encountering puzzles and clues to discover what happened, as you try to escape in both your nightmares and the waking world. Be immersed in the hauntingly beautiful 3D atm...
Chip's Challenge 1 is Now Available on Steam!Before Chip can join the Bit Busters computer club and hang out with the girl of his dreams, Melinda the Mental Marvel, he must solve all 144 challenging puzzles. Your bird's-eye view can help...

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