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ArmA Life RPG

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ArmaLifeRPG - Multiplayer Modpack for ArmA III

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We host and have developed (and are continuing to develop) a multiplayer mission framework built from the ground up allowing us to have ultimate control over all aspects of gameplay, this also allows us to make sure sure your roleplay experience is the best possible. It's about time to redefine your roleplay experience.

No Altis Life bullshit, and no Arma 3 Life crap.


All our vehicles and addons are made in house by our talented team, ensuring the highest quality standards are achieved. We feature a unique vehicle number plate system, that synchronises with the database and allows proper vehicle ticketing, speed camera ticketing and vehicle identification in crimes and vehicle pursuits. All vehicles also feature over 20 different body colours.


Currently we use the Australia terrain by Aussie.

However, we are in the process of making our own ArmA 3 terrain with our experienced map development team. Featuring a city skyline like no other and custom buildings, resembling a true metropolitan city right in the heart of ArmA. The custom terrain allows us to adapt the map to our needs, and doesn't force us to be restricted.


Utilising Bohemia Interactive's latest generation game, ArmA 3 we have built ArmA Life RPG for ArmA 3.

By using the latest technologies found in ArmA 3: Real Virtuality™ 4, DirectX 11, Nvidia PhysX™, ArmA 3's improved Sound Engine and Animations we have created a multiplayer modification like no other. The immersion and depth of content found in our mod is unmatched.